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February 20 2017

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Mermaid Shiro and pirate Keith for a sheith valentine’s day exchange on twitter!

G*psy is a slur. Change your username/Url if you aren't Romani and you got it in there


And if you don’t know, now you know

You can use other words to express that you are unique


Christians: separate the KKK from Christianity!! 

Muslims: separate ISIS from Islam. 


100° F Classrooms


Elementary school children in La’ie, Hawai’i are coming home sick and covered in heat rashes. La’ie is a small town located on the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. La’ie Elementary School, the education center for about 700 children, was built in 1895. 

Because of how old it is, the classrooms (including humidity) can reach extremely dangerous temperatures.

In one specific classroom, even at 10:00 AM it can hit 90° with high humidity (Feels like 121°). And that’s not even the hottest classroom. One building can regularly hit 95° with high humidity, which can feel like 133°. 

Keep La’ie Cool is a locally started group that is trying to help lower the temperatures of the classrooms and make them safe for children. Please donate here, Keep La’ie Cool is only halfway to their goal for fundraising. La’ie is a small town and we can’t do it alone! Every donation counts! 

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CREDIT: @mureh

This is posted on behalf of @mureh for the exchange! Their gift is for @blueevileye

The prompt is: The boys sharing chocolate together

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My late valentine

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Here is my gift for the McGenji Valentine exchange!

​ was my valentine! The prompt was   Mccree and Genji exchanging chocolates slightly combined w/ another prompt. Hope this was ok!  Have a wonderful day <3




we need to step up our pence hate i don’t want that motherfucker thinking he’s getting away with anything

But consider this, not spreading hate, but spreading love and wisdom. We are better than this and we can still stand together if we learn to be open minded and love one another, regardless of their beliefs or political standings. I’m so tired of the hate in this world, we need to step off of Trump and Pence, and have hope that they might not be as bad as we think. Don’t spread hate, please. Be a good example to others by showing maturity.

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“Ever since he left, he wrote a letter to him each Valentine’s Day, telling him of his experiences, of his troubles, and how dearly he missed him every day. And he’d keep them safe with him, hoping that one day they may cross ways again and they could finally fall into their addressee’s hands. He knew Genji would call him a silly old sap for this, but Jesse also knew that he was a sucker for gestures like these, especially when it involved love letters.”

Here’s my Valentines gift for @shittyninja! I went for Prompt Nr. 2 and I hope it’s somewhat close to what you had in mind <3

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4am doodle

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Not sure how the format is gonna end up like buuut
Heeey @gammapulse I was your secret @mcgenjivalentine gifter!! :D
I rly like the old and new Overwatch too so I picked the new one with them being casual.
Wish I knew cute fashion tho. hoho
Anyways I hope you don’t mind that Hana is there too, I bet Genji watched her play games before texting Jesse.
Happy valentines!!! :D

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nobody will care that you’re sad if you draw your favorite character sad instead

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NaruSaku Aesthetic 💓

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A hiccup erupted from his throat as he was jostled so Genji could better carry his weight, as they trugded through the rain.
“I am sorry Genji, I hadn’t intended our reunion to be like this darlin…” McCree slurred out.
“Oh really, you mean you hadn’t planned for me to carry your drunken ass through heavy downpour?” came a snarked response, “incredibly romantic gesture Jesse”.
Genji stopped, heaving a deep sigh before shooting McCree an amused look.
“Happy Valentine’s day Cowboy”.

Happy Belated Valentine’s day @a-smile-for-a-sword I am your back up for the @mcgenjivalentine event!!
I hope it was worth the wait 💖💖💖

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(Late) Valentine’s exchange for Soulbeere @ twitter!!
Happy late Vday!!♡♡

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Love is in the air….

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This is my girl 😭💖

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hoo boy, ere we go;

alright, well, happy valentines! this is part of my gift exchange for @catchingadri​ who wanted a lil soulmate AU. ive never really done something this ambitious(like ever lol) and I kinda went overboard hahah. i am by no means a writer so i apologize if the text is cheesy bahahah

 Anyways, hope ya like it!! Papa bless all’a yall !!

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