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February 06 2018

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anyways this is what’s happening in Hualien, Taiwan.
Several buildings have collapsed, casualties undetermined.

We’ve had like at least 5 earthquakes that are over a magnitude of 5 these 3 days. It’s mild shaking where i live, but still enough to wake ppl up. (ex. me. it’s 1 am right now and i can’t fall back 😴)

But the thing is it’s predicted that there might be even more (and larger) earthquakes coming the next few days…….uhhhh no thanks

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Welp. You know what time it is. It’s not over. Make some noise. Call them. (202) 225-3121

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Source: Ed Markey




Why do so many people think mainstream medicine or “big pharma” is automatically untrustworthy because of how much money it makes when the people selling Homeopathic Natural Herbs and shit aren’t subjected to any laws or regulations whatsoever and make far quicker, far easier money they get to keep much more of for themselves?

They aren’t required to spend anything on personnel, equipment or facilities to ever test their product or prove it does anything as long as their label says somewhere that it’s homeopathic.

Anyone with zero experience or qualifications can pay to have some dirt out of their backyard bottled and put any price on it and claim it “may” be good for your health somehow and yet the industry that involves thousands of actual scientists is the one that supposedly must be making fake poison for profit.

Uh note that just because I’m pointing out that the alternative is a deadly money making scheme doesn’t mean I’m defending the evil practices of big corporations.

It’s just really silly to put trust into something so, so clearly MORE sinister.

The Crystal Healer snake oiler peddlers are nothing but a poor independent rebranding of the same people who make billions inflating the prices of epipens, except it’s even less possible for them to ever suffer repercussions for it since a quick “*not fda approved” on your packaging covers you forever.

I should also say that this particular moment of outrage on my behalf was sparked by the wave of parents making their autistic children drink bleach on the advice of the same kinds of people who think autism was manufactured by flu shots.

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I made this based on a conversation on discord feel free to use it if you want


Hey guys. I just want to let you know that my commissions are open. I really need to have them comin’ in, I’m planning a trip to Canada to visit someone I haven’t been able to see in a long time, so any penny helps …


You can find my commission info in the link above! Or if you just want to donate follow the link below!




who here was on tumblr 4+ years ago

For a few thousand bucks, Detroit police will give a business higher 911 priority




I’ve noted the privatization of police forces before. It’s happening in South Africa, but here in the USA, too. There was an article about the use of private police forces in Chicago, here: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/post/150225967964/chicagoan-dissatisfied-with-police-coverage

Somehow the full story is even worse than it sounds from the headline

Late Stage Capitalism is emergency services prioritizing the rich.

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My friendo’s got a pretty sick kitty on his hands. He’s already taken a lot of hits in life, and to lose his friend now would be way too much for him to bear, so if you have anything you can spare, please give this a look. :<

Giving another little signal boost for Pumpkin. He’s over half-way to his goal and holy crap you guys, I’m so grateful for how people have pulled together to help my friend out. You’re all amazing! 💜

oh bitch....


its called rosejade

hey. this? this is a fucking problem.




this is some straight up bullshit, and it pissed me off. that ratio is absurd. I’m not saying reblog everything that comes on your dash, but when peoples notes start to look like this, I can see how they become easily discouraged in terms of creating and releasing content. 

if you like the thing, and you know of other people that follow you that would also like the thing, then you should definitely hit reblog

this has been a PSA 

Liking something a creator made, isn’t the same as reblogging it. Reblogging assures that the content gets wider exposure and reach.

And notes might seem arbitrary numbers (we’ve all seen shitposts that reach millions of notes by the virtue of their shitposting nature), but for a creator a certain number of notes and reblogs is an indicator that their work is appreciated and is resonating with people. That alone can surve as a motivator to continue.

It’s really not that hard to hit reblog.

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you act like youre any better LMFAO

I went over there and played in the arcades, ate some good food, hung out with people who liked the same things i do at a concert, and took some great photos with them.

He went over and put on a kimono and conical hat, ran through the streets shouting ching chong, called it a playground, went to a forest and took video of dead bodies, and caused a minor international incident.

So yeah, i’m better than logan paul.

Reblog if you’re better than logan paul!

Went there when I was 18, and stayed with a host family during my trip. Had a great time with them, exchanged photos of my home town with theirs in Tokyo. Showed me great spots to eat, arcades. They took me to Tokyo Disneyland when they didn’t have to.

Also had strangers walking down the street ask if they could touch and feel my hair (My hair was braided), which I let them do, was funny XD. Got to see a Japanese wedding, a rice field. Just…overwhelmed with awesome JP culture.

Never did any of the shit he did. He just made a complete ass of himself, and westerners in general that are interested in Japan and Japanese culture.

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Idk why I’m tearing up at this

Oh god 😭

This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. If you cannot give your dog the exercise and socialization it needs yourself, please do not own one. 

Let me tell you about Balto. There was a lady in my town who owned a Siberian Husky named Balto that she would let him roam town and people either had to take him into their homes each night or call animal control. 

Eventually all you’d have to say to them was “Balto’s loose again” and you wouldn’t even have to fill out anything. He was digging up gardens, shitting on people’s driveways, nearly run over 3 times (one of which caused a guy to swerve and hit a mailbox), he jumped someone’s fence and impregnated their Lab, he was forcefully removed from property by people who didn’t like dogs, had BB guns shot at him by kids, chased cats into trees and was eventually attacked by an aggressive dog. After a $500 vet bill, she let her dog back outside again! Her excuse was that she “couldn’t keep him in the yard”, which was just because he was a high energy breed and she worked 10 hrs a day, do she didn’t have the time to exercise him. So why pay $1100 for a high energy breed when you know you can’t handle one? Novelty. He was eventually picked up and sold online because he was a purebred, found him 8 hours away, after the person who bought him saw her post on facebook. 

Some people may think they are doing the right thing by letting their pets roam freely, but we do not live in an idealistic society where everything is safe. There are wild animals that will find your pet an easy meal, there are people who will not slow down for an animal that runs into the road, and there are people who will hurt your pet if it comes near them, and they will breed, causing more unwanted pets to be brought into the world to be neglected because you didn’t want to give your dog exercise. Eventually Balto’s owner realized that she couldn’t handle his high energy needs anymore and dropped him off at the shelter, where he was adopted by a man who owned an acreage and had 6 other Siberian Huskies. 


February 05 2018













It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs

Now. More. Than. Ever.

Question: if I see someone pull off a Hijab, what should I do? I know there are reasons they are worn so I want to if i should stand in between them and who did this, should i protect them from view somehow, or something else? This has been happening a lot so I feel it’s something everyone needs to know.

Good question! I cannot correctly and effectively answer, as I am a white, non-Muslim person; however, I will reblog in case any of my followers can answer. 

I asked my Hijabi friend, so here’s one Hijabi’s answer: 

“my opinion is, definitely try cover them or give them something to cover themselves with. And perhaps shoo off the person, without putting oneself in danger! God forbid, if that happened to me, I would like someone to come and comfort me and give me something to cover my hair with and then help me report it to the cops “

(Followers, if any of you are hijabi and would like to expand on this answer or offer alternatives, please do.)

If u see it happen to 1 of us, pls cover our head + hair with a coat or shawl or any piece of cloth, while hugging us in comfort. Please don’t get hurt by lashing out @ the perpetrators in any way, coz if they dare to do that, they’re probably too far gone in their own hatred to listen to any reason. Much love + Thank You to anyone who supports us.

yes !! everything said here is important af. if you see someone pull off a girl’s hijab immediately cover her hair and provide comfort. don’t talk to the perpetrator but try to get the woman out of there if you can. maybe if you have a scarf on you at the time give it to her so she can wear it until she’s alone and can replace her hijab. please please protect muslim girls because we already had it hard before donald trump became president and now its gonna be worse with people going around thinking their violence and cruelty is justified 

for my other white ppl who might have a hard time, it’s my understanding that a hijab is like a major item of clothing, not an accessory like a hat or a scarf.
so think abt it more like if someone just ripped someone’s shirt or skirt off. u don’t want to be left there exposed or have to walk home without it.

everyone, even outside America needs to protect our Muslim sisters in these times.

as a man, what would be the best thing to do? should i turn my head and avoid looking at their hair? can i still offer a jacket or something similar?

^I’m hoping someone has an answer islamaphpbia is on the rise in my town and I want to be a good male non Muslim ally

For men, yes please, we would prefer it if you avoided looking at our hair, and if we don’t have something to substitute as a hijab at that moment, anything you could lend us, a jacket, etc, would be very appreciated.

Also, since most girls avoid physical contact with men they’re not related to, please do not hug them, but rather shoo the offender away if you can, or at least escort the girl to a safe place. You can still offer words of encouragement and support. Furthermore, understand that the victim may not be very welcoming towards you because she’ll obviously be shaken, and won’t know where you are coming from. If that’s the case, please still give her something to cover herself (hijab is very important, think of it as someone ripping your shirt off) and stand some distance away until you are sure she’s in safe hands.

Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it, god bless all of you.

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Yoooo lemme bless your dashboard

(Feel free to add your pics too 😏😏)


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You can’t be serious… that shit is soooooo unsafe for the patient and taxing on nurse 😩

As a nursing major this hurts me. It’s already hard enough taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves but NOW we don’t have the materials needed to administer care. This pisses me off 😒

Man what the fuck

He’s telling the truth, I currently work at a hospital and there is a nationwide shortage of IV fluid bags. So bad that they’re referring to alternative methods like medications that can be administered orally or like the post above. Smh

Not to mention the shortage of antibiotics


Some 40% of drugs and supplies used in the US were manufactured in PR. Drug shortages were predicted after the hurricane and now they are starting to happen.  Since PR doesn’t seem to be considered to be part of the US by this administration, help to fix it has been short and late in coming, which means that drug shortages will only get worse.

Are we great yet?

in the children’s hospital i was rotating at we weren’t changing central line tubing (lines that go.. directly to your heart, as in, not something you want infected) for six days instead of 3 due to shortages

what the fuck

this is sort of horrifying

More than half of my clients have had to have their entire medication regimens reworked. Medication regimens that they had been stable and supported on for months or years. Medication regimens that had helped them steadily improve and progress in their lives had to be thrown out the window and completely started over by trial and error again because their medications are no longer available.

People are dying in Puerto Rico and people are going to die on the continental US as well.

Merck’s main manufacturing facility is in PR, if you want a name.

The FDA actually put out a press release on this today. Apparently it’s not just the IV bags, but the fluids as well that are in short supply. There’s a (worryingly long) list of drugs and related paraphenelia experiencing shortages [here].

Press release was 1/5/2018







As you can see it wont happen now but “over the next couple of weeks”. The reason for that is simple. They want you to forget about that change and leave it on forever allowing them to hide content they deem “unsafe”.

Why turn that setting off?

The so called “Safe mode” will give tumblr full control over what you see and what you dont. They will just use that setting to unofficially ban people off the platform by cutting their followers from the content.

There is absolutely no reason for that setting to even exist! Tumblr displays only posts and reblogs from people you follow so you see only what you want to see.

What if I actually want to filter my tumblr dashboard?

Oh look here is your Safe mode button


Oh wait whats that thing under it? :O


Doesnt that make you wonder why that Safe mode button exists in the first place when you can just write tags in that menu? Tumblr just wants to gain full control over your dashboard.

If you are in tumblr just for porn then make sure to disable Safe mode once it’s out!!! 

Even 2d/3d porn will most likely get censored

For everyone who wants more details

seeing as this is my nsfw blog, if you wanna see anything from here ya gotta alter the safe mode so HEADS UP

super imp thing thats happening soon.






Since a bunch of you are seemingly into tall, skinny dudes with questionable fashion choices, I present your next crush:

Mr. Mint ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hey can you kill me real quick? I don’t want to see this get out of hand

Yeah, okay.


sure, I’ll take it


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Can we talk about this?!

HEY remember in WWII when Jewish people were fleeing Germany and the USA put a quota on how many Jewish immigrants they would accept because they were worried there were too many Jewish people coming over to the USA???

Reminder that the USA has always been fucking garbage to immigrants and basic humanity

Please spread I haven’t seen this in the news still! I’ve literally had to tell people about it and they didn’t believe me!

Even now, the US is denying visas to refugees from Yemen and Syria. This country is GARBAGE and i really really hope these people are able to escape to somewhere safe.


In the past couple of years I have been on Tumblr, I have noticed that as we come close to Valentine’s Day, there are a ton of “Shout out to you single people out there!!” posts and rarely any posts acknowledging aros.

So shout out to all aros out there as we are about to jump into February and with that, a crap load of Valentine’s Day related stuff.

You aren’t wrong if you don’t want to participate in Valentine’s Day and choose to live that day like any other day.

You aren’t wrong if you want to show appreciation to the ones you love platonically on Valentine’s Day. 

You are allowed to deal with Valentine’s Day however you want. Spend it with friends. Spend it with your QPP. Spend it chilling at home watching movies and eating chocolate. Spend it like you would any other day. 

Have a great February! 💚

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